Activeplans Asset management Training Courses

AcvtivePlan Product Library tutorials for Product Administrators: 

  1. Add Supplier Data Entry
  2. Add Products with Products Media and Classification Data Entry
  3. Add Product Model Variant Data Entry
  4. Add and Assign Product Warranties Data Entry
  5. Add Maintenance Sets Tasks Resources Data Entry
  6. Assign Maintenance Task Resource to Product Data Entry
  7. Add Assign Issue Sets and Issues Data Entry
  8. Assign Product Models to Projects
  9. Setting Validation of Product Model to Default or Project Requirement
  10. Completing Validation of Product Model to Project Requirement Entry
  11. Create Project Contractors Entry
  12. Generating Individual Product Data Sheet
  13. Generating System Products Data Sheets or Manual
  14. Generate Product Model CoBie Export
  15. Publishing System Word Media and Excel Output
  16. Add Product Model Attributes Manual Data Entry